Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happiness In Bullets

  • Moving to a fabulous, brand spankin new condo
  • Being closer to family & friends
  • 2am surprises
  • Cuddly puppies
  • Not having to wait 30 days to move
  • New cars with pretty chrome wheels
  • Ridiculously low interest rates
  • Raises even though the economy sucks
  • French pedicures from Libby
  • Awesome weddings where everyone dances even before they are drunkity, drunk
  • My new La Roux album
  • Being able to listen to my i-pod in my car
  • The look of relief that the neighbor girl had on her face when we found her four year old
  • New posts, on my favorite blogs, that make me laugh, cry, and fall out of my chair
  • Watching Twilight and New Moon all in the same night
  • Packing my very first box that will go to the new condo
  • My husbands smiles when I cooked him five home cooked meals... IN A ROW
  • Five year anniversaries approaching
  • Surprise visits from K.O.
  • Anticipating a night out for cocktails with my bestie
  • Jean Friday at work
  • Work firewall finally unblocking Stacey's e-mail address
  • sleep... ZZZ...ZZZ...Zzz...
Love, Love,
Lo Mac

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