Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Can Not Stop Laughing

I so needed this tonight!!! Hilarious!!


Shamless Bragging On My Husband

My husband...

Sometimes I want to wring his neck.  Sometimes I want to scream at the top of my lungs and tell him he is a total butt head!!

Most of the time, though.  He is pretty fantastic.  Right now... is one of those times that he is being pretty darn fantastic.

He is working twelve hour days, every day, just to pay for the house that we fell in love with.  He is making lists and checking off strenuous tasks.  He is yelling at people who are trying to take our dreams away.  He is arguing like the lawyer he is at heart.

He is making deck plans,  that involve a wooden swing and a hammock, and a seating area.  He is telling me his BIG plans for the amazing attic.  He is telling me all of the new rules there will be for using laptops in the office instead of the living room.  He is building our dreams and they are turning out better then we ever could have imagined.

He is doing all of this and somehow still finds time to feed the puppies every morning.  Still kisses me every morning before he leaves for work at five a.m.   Still surprises me by showing up to my work and waiting around for an hour, because I am working late, to take me to dinner.  (It may have been Stake N' Sake, but it was the best darn burger and fries in the world after a long night at work!)

My husband...

Sometimes I want to wring his neck.  Sometimes I want to scream at the top of my lungs and tell him he is a total butt head!!

Most of the time, though,  I love him with every fiber of my being.  I remember my MaMa telling me all the time, when I was little, "You find a good one.  Find one like your Daddy."  Well, MaMa, I found a Markie Logan.  He may act like a total hard ass.  He may make me REALLY mad sometimes but, he's a keeper.

He does laundry
He swings like Tarzan to make me laugh.
 He climbs on things that have signs clearly stating, "DO NOT CLIMB ON" just so I can get the perfect shot.
He tickles nephews.
Gives fives to nieces for braving the BIG slide.
Holds little hands of nieces he adores like his own daughters.
He laughs at fart jokes and RickRolls jukeboxes.
Shares snow cones and poses for goofy photographs when prompted by his crazy wife and sister-in-law
And, most importantly...

He still kisses me like this.
And looks at me like this.
He is hard working, even tempered, laid back (most of the time), funny, sweet, strong willed, intelligent.... Blah... blah... blah.... I know, "Stop bragging on your husband, Bia!"

Okay, so he is not perfect in every way but, my Ben, he is pretty great.

He looks HOT in Levis, too!!
Had to throw that one in for the extra puke factor...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If All Else Fails, Put Your Hands in Prayer And You're Golden.

"... if all else fails, put your hands in prayer and you're golden." ~ Kelle Hampton

While laughing and crying my way through the latest KH posts on Enjoying the Small Things I found this quote and it really summed up my day... month.

Ben and I put in a bid on a home more than a month ago and it was accepted.  I have not spoken of this much because... well... frankly, I am terrified of jinxing the darn thing.  This home buying experience has been just that, AN EXPERIENCE!!  It is like Murphy's Law to the full extent.  Everything has just been so damn hard!

Every day there is a new kink to work through.  We have been told that we have the loan... No wait you don't have the loan... Oh yeah, you DO have the loan... wait jump through these last few hoops for us..  Okay, just kidding, you have the loan.  It's like, Dude, SERIOUSLY! I am going to have a heart attack if you keep this up.

Ben and I have been so afraid to do anything.  Should we start packing?  Should we tell our condo owner that we are moving out?  What date do we give him?  Should we put the photo of us at our new house on our Christmas cards?  Should we tell all of our friends and family that we've bought a house?

Today we had a meeting with our loan company and our contractor and we still did not get all of the answers that will put our nerves to ease.  We did however, pick out carpet, kitchen flooring, and some AMAZING oak flooring for the living room and foyer.  OH! and a refrigerator that is the BOMB diggity!

Will it all be okay?  Most likely, yes.  Will the rug be swept out from under us at the last moment?  Hopefully not.  However, if all else fails, put your hands in prayer and you're golden...

Sometimes it's all you can do, right?

Shucking my fear of jinxing it all, here is a photograph of our soon to be new home.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Laryngitis... Laryngitis...Laryngitis!!!!  It SUCKS!  end of sentence... period!!

So, I am what you like to call a talker.  A person who talks ALOT and when I can not talk.  I go NUTS!  I have not been able to talk for two days now and it is no fun at all.  Okay... Done with my rant.  I love life.  Life is good.  flowers... pixies... unicorns... soft white, fluffy clouds... puppy dogs... butterflys... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can't speak!!!!  Okay, I think it's out now.

Do you have any idea how much it sucks to answer your phone and then realize that, nope, still can't talk???  You squeeze out, "Can't talk..." the person on the other end says, "Oh, you're in the library? Just call me when you leave."  "Nope, really, can't talk.  literally."  "Then, why did you answer the phone, goof ball??"...

Do you have any idea how much it sucks to get up to the drive through window at the local Bread Co. peruse the menu to find that YES, they are serving chicken and wild rice today only to realize when you get up to the speaker that you can not order any because you CAN NOT SPEAK??  So, you bust a U-ey and park, go into the store and proceed to "try" to order some freagin soup.  The ridiculously hot man behind the counter smiles and nods as you mouth chicken and wild rice at him.  "Um.. Sorry, Mam".  You smile and try again.  He smiles, nods, holds up one finger and returns with another gentleman who starts signing to you.  You laugh and hold up both hands and wave, "no, sorry, not deaf, just can't talk" pen, paper? you pantomime they are now amused by you but oblige.  "Sorry, got the laryngitis", you scribble, attempting humor, they both laugh as the other customers stare.  "May I please have some chicken and wild rice soup", you write.  "Certainly!!" the cute one says.

Silver lining... The cute one made me a hot tea with lemon for FREE!  Is that even an option at Bread Co.?  He must have really felt sorry for my silly ass!!

When I got home I took the puppies outside to potty.  Al took off running, to go play with the dogs next door and I could not do a dang thing about it.   I opened my mouth to holler at her to get her little butt back to her own yard and nothing... Crap!! JO just looked up at me like, "Yep, MaMa's lost it". The neighbor man came outside and tried to have one of those holler between yards conversations with me.  "How's it going tonight, Lori"  Shit, what now??  So, I jog over and he is looking at me like, "You didn't have to come all the way over."  "No voice", I pantomime to him.  He smiles as he thinks to himself, "what a strange girl".  Okay, so I made that part up but he did look at me like I was nuts.

So, here I am, at home, watching reruns of Charmed, with my hot tea and soup, alone, (because the husband went to Tom's house to take the temptation to talk away from me) in silence.

Laryngitis BLOWS!  At least I am not really deaf though, that would double SUCK!  To those who are deaf, you are ROCK STARS!  No talking = Sad Lori...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Because Life is Not Perfect, But Real

November 29, 2008...  I married Ben.  I am not going to kid myself and think that anyone would believe that we are the perfect couple or that we never fight or that we fell madly in love at first sight.

However, not being perfect and both recognizing that we are not is what makes us an amazing couple.  I have been known to be quite the little gypsy in my lifetime.  I have moved more times than I care to count.  I have been known to pick up an move across the state when I am afraid of something that is happening in my life.

Meeting Ben seemed to make something click in my head.  Like something was completed.  Like when you are putting together a puzzle and you find that one piece that makes everything start to fit together perfectly.  Sure you still have 920 pieces to fit together but that one piece makes you jump up and down for joy because it is a HUGE accomplishment.

For us it is an accomplishment that we have made it through the first two years of marriage.  We have loved each other, and hated each other.  We have supported each other and made each other strive harder for what we want.  We have told friends, that we thought we would never lose, to go *%@# themselves when they tried to break us.  We have been real with each other and made each other better, stronger people.

On November 29, 2008 we held hands, looked into eachother's eyes and promised that we would be there for better or for worse... And we meant every single word of it.  We knew the impact of those words and we spoke them because we believe every word.

So, what is my point?  Sometimes life is amazing, and sometimes we have to tell ourselves out loud that we will make it through the day.  Some days we think how in the hell did I get so damn lucky and some days we want to choke the one we love but that is marriage and it is fantastic in every way!

Here's to two years with My Favorite!  And cheers to many, many more!

Oh... And PS. Anniversaries and home buying DON'T mix!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Cards!

Being a photographer, I have tried out just about every online photo printing company.  Shutterfly.com has by far surpassed my photog expectations!  They always have the cutest holiday and special event cards and their photo books are super simple to make and turn out just beautifully.  I have given several photo books as presents and all have been given a rave review.

So, when I stumbled across this wonderfully, fantastic link that a fellow blogger posted, I was overjoyed!!  Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… learn more: http://bit.ly/sfly2010 

Now comes the hard part... Choosing a design for our Christmas Cards.

You can design your own Holiday Cards HERE!  Or, if you simply need some photo prints you can upload your images HERE.

And when all the Holiday hubbub us over, I am dying to try out their canvas art.  I have been in a frenzied decorating/planning mode since we heard our house offer was accepted. (more on that later)  I have my entire office all planned out and canvas art will give the final touch of perfection!

What are you waiting for people!!!  Go get your free cards and make a photo book or two while your at it!

Love it, I Love Me Some Positive Attitude

So, I stumbled across this amazing article today.  This girl is awesome!  Everyone should have her attitude.

Click HERE to read the article and watch the video.

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