About Him

Ben just graduated last May with his BSN and is working as a nurse in the emergency room at a Saint Louis Hospital.  He is known for always having a hystarical ER story at the dinner table.  It ceases to amaze me how he does not lose his job for his hilariously, crazy humor with his patients and thier families.  His collegues assure me that they and all of his patients simply adore him and his humor.

He is also the boy’s sports nurse for Marquette Catholic High School along with being the assistant coach for the Cross Country team.  He is known for being a tough as nails coach and is alwasy worried that his players hate him.  They call one of his favorite excercises "The Circle of Death".  He is determined to make his team the best and has rented every book on coaching that the library has to offer.

Ben loves to read. He also enjoys running. I adopted two dachshund puppies for him for our one year wedding anniversary and he has had a blast playing with, training, and loving on them just as they were his children.
Ben has a big mouth and an even bigger heart. He loves with his whole heart and speaks his mind. He loves to learn new things and never stops asking questions.

Ben has one little niece Chloe that he adores and another on the way whom, I am sure, he will adore just as much. He loves to run and play with my two little nephews, Owen and Turner and loves to tease them even more.

Ben has now been working as a ER nurse for three years. Recently, moved to San Diego, California with his job as a traveling nurse. He has taken up hiking, biking, and most recently stand-up comedy. (That's right my husband has decided he would like to add stand-up comedy to his arsenal of talents!) We'll see how that goes! :)

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