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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kelly is Funny When She is Angry

Kelly sent me an e-mail this morning and it made me laugh so hard I just had to post it. I am sure she did not find it amuzing as it was happening to her but I found the way she told her story quite witty. Her e-mail to me follows:

So, here’s my morning:

I get up and everythings fine, I leave outa the house early! In time to stop at starbucks YUM!

So, as I’m driving, I realize I have no money for parking... How perfect that I’m right next to the exit with the gas station right there. “Cannot complete Transaction”. So the guy tells me they are probably updating the machine and to try again. I do, like 5 times. Nothing. So I ask him where another gas station was and crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t get lost.

So, I then remembered I actually knew where another one was. I go there. Make my transaction.. “Error.” So I try again and make my transaction, the receipt spits out “Withdraw $20.00” but NO MONEY CAME OUT!! I was like ohmygod you must be joking. Now I’m down 20 bucks and didn’t even get it! Ugh!!! Where’s another gas station MA’AM!?

So, I drive alll the way back in the opposite direction of work. Finally find another gas station.. “Cannot Read Card.” Oh, you’ve got to be joking me. I’m gona try again.. “Unauthorized User”. WTF OMYGOD NO IM NOT!!! “Ma’am what does that mean?” She’s never heard of that response before.


So, I end up parking illegally, storming into my bank and demanding to know why my card won’t give my money. He explains that he doesn’t know why none of them went though, but it didn’t say the $20.00 was withdrawn.

I was soooo mad at this point, I stored into my office illegally and now everyone is complaining that it’s too light in here! I’m like people! I’m trying to brighten my mood! F*ck off! It’s fine!

All I know is that if I go out to my car today and there is a ticket on my car, I WILL cry.
Oh, did I mention... I wasn’t even able to get my starbucks :’(
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