Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yep, I'm still here... Still hangin on.

"May the blessed badass that dwells within you deliver when you need her most. Amen." ~ Kelle Hampton

Yep, I am still here and my blessed badass is about to break free and do some cartwheels... She's comin, you just wait!! 

Until then, check out the most beautiful little girls in my life!!
Sister knows how to get her silly on

This, right here, is her "scary face"
Sister also knows how to get her sassy on 
And she is always a beauty
Who??? Me??? 
She looks like such a BIG girl!!
We can't forget the REESER!! 
Hey, Hey YOU!! That's my bahbah mook!! 
Ummm... I don't understand??!! You want me to what, Aunt Lo??
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