Friday, July 6, 2012

We're Moving to San Diego!

When Ben graduated we decided that he would work for two years in the Emergency Department and then apply for a position as an agency nurse for a traveling agency.

We quickly began to dream of all of the places we would one day be able to say we had not only traveled to but LIVED in. You know like, "Oh that was during our Cali days." or "We use to have raging parties at our little beach house in Hawaii!" or "Oh yes, Boston, is beautiful in Summer." or "The BEST crab legs I have ever had were from that little market down the street from our condo in Seattle!" And ON, And ON with our shameless bragging on how worldly we are.

SO, suddenly it's two years later and it's time to begin our grand adventure!

Our entire family thinks we have lost our minds.  All of our friends are saying, "BUT WHAT ABOUT YOUR HOUSE??" Everyone has heard us talk of our grand travels for years now but, apparently they never really thought we would do it.

I truly do love it when I can surprise the heck out of everyone and do just what I say I am going to!  One of the best memories I have is of my brother teasing me. "Oh, Lori, you will NEVER move to Chicago all ALONE. Get real, little sister!" One month later my new gay boyfriend and I were decorating my fabulous new apartment on Lake Michigan.

Being a gypsy actually comes quite naturally for me, hopping around from one place to another.  There is nothing quite like that feeling of a new and undiscovered place. Everything seems so big and adventurous.  The feeling of walking down Michigan Ave. for the first time alone with head phones playing my favorite tunes.

The feeling of roller blading down Ocean Beach for the first time is sure to be my best experience yet!! The cherry on the top is that this new experience will be shared with My Favorite!! Three Cheers for San Diego July, 23 2012!!!

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