Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Husbands Job is Slowly Killing Me

For some reason, beyond me, I have never been able to go to sleep at night unless Ben is home. He does not have to be in bed or even in the same room. Just knowing that he is somewhere in the house is enough.

Since he started his new job his hours have been pretty hellish. Nothing could, however, prepare me for yesterday. I woke up yesterday at 6:30am, got ready and left for work. I got home at about 5:15pm and the boredom began. I cleaned, watched some NCIS, gave myself a mani/pedi, watched some Law and Order, did laundry, got some drive-thru take out from Bread Co., watched some HGTV, took the longest bath ever taken in existence; Still no Ben...

He was suppose to get off at 11pm but some rude nurse decided to go on a half hour break at 10:55pm and left Ben with no relief. This nurse has obviously not met me yet; I will break him!! You don't mess with a sleepy Irish girl...

At about 11:30pm I finally gave up and tried to go to bed. No such luck. After channel surfing for awhile I stumbled across my absolute FAVORITE episode of "Sex and the city" This was the highlight of my night.

Season Four, Episode 66: "I Heart NY"

I know, I have an unhealthy addiction. I blame this partly on the two Karis in my life.

Anyway, I watched "I Heart NY" and about half of the next episode when Ben finally got home. We talked in bed for awhile, which made it then about 12:30am and then set the alarm clock for 4:45am and went to sleep. A very short 4 hours and 15 minutes later, the alarm was going off, and so began a brand new day of exhaustion...
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