Friday, April 1, 2011

We're Getting There

So we officially moved into our new home the weekend before last.  It is nowhere near being finished but it is definitely looking loads better! We have come so far since closing day. We have new floors, a new roof, a new bathroom upstairs and down, and new carpet throughout the upstairs.  We have torn out floors and ceilings. Painted EVERYWHERE. This house has done a full 360 in just over a month.

 In other news... I GOT A NEW JOB!!! WHOOT! Last night I was offered a job as an office manager making more money than I have ever imagined. Ben and I are so excited that we could just scream. This news came at the absolute perfect time since this house is driving us broke!

There is still much to do in the DIY category of our lives but we are definitely getting there!

60's floor that we found in our kitchen. One of SIX layers of flooring in the kitchen.
Kitchen during the floor demo.
One day Owen and Turner came over to see the new house. T walked into my dinning room and said, "Did Pace is a mess!" He was RIGHT!
T playing swords with one of my stairwell spindles
The back deck and yard.
The studio half of my office.
Ben and Bob loading up the new bathtub and shower.
Guest bedroom.
Lows LOVES us! We have been there a lot in the past two months. I am the Mayor of Lows on Foursquare!!
Office half of my Office/Studio.
My cutie husband taking a quick break from tearing up floors.
Tom and Ben watching Uncle Randy tear out the kitchen ceiling so that we could fix the plumbing.
Our bedroom. It was purple and lime green when we bought the house. It was PRETTY!!
View of our house from the street.
Office, again.
Ben getting mad at Kari and I because we were goofing around instead of painting. :)
Ben building me a bathroom wall.  I like walls!!
Ben has become quite the drywall expert over the past few months.
New upstairs bathroom sink.
Daddy measuring for new drywall.
The wall behind the old sink, upstairs, was a mess.  Ben had to do a lot of patching to make it look good.
Back deck.
Side yard.
Painting doors.
More of the purple and lime green room.
Upstairs hallway.
Ben and Daddy installing the sink in the downstairs bathroom.
Installing the plumbing in the upstairs bathroom.
Kari and I goofing around when we were suppose to be painting.
The puppie girls LOVE their new house! There is a lot more room for them to run around here than there was at the condo.
Puppy jail. They were not happy with Mommy and Daddy!
The new bathroom sink, waiting to be installed.
The girls decided to rebel against Mommy and Daddy for locking them in a bedroom.
Bathroom demo!
Downstairs bathroom reconstruction.
Hallway leading to the once purple and lime green room that is now blue and the guest bedroom that is a pretty shade of green.
K.O. hard at work! She rocked out some painting in that last hour!
Ben making sure everything is level in the downstairs bathroom.
Oops! Looks like Daddy dropped something. I think he was actually just checking things out, though.
MMMM... Beer, YUMMY!
Master bedroom. Looks much better in blue.
One of the bedroom doors had Velcro stuck on it.  I tried to remove it and ripped my door. :(
Ben and Daddy deep in thought.
One of the bedroom doors. Strangely enough, I found out that a guy that I went to middle and high school with use to live in our house. 
Master bedroom.
Break time!!
YAY! We have TV!! The channel has been on DIY for the past month!!
Hardwood floors before the finish.
Downstairs bathroom sink install.
More of floors in the livingroom.
Hubby hooking up the new dishwasher. Buying a house is EXPENSIVE!!!
Finished floors in the kitchen.
Hall way with unfinished floors.
Puppies trying out for their upcoming horror flick!! We got them a bone like this when they were little bitty puppies and it lasted them an entire year! We decided since they got a new home they needed a new bone. They are in love!
Front door waling into the new floors before they were finished.
And that's all for now, folks!
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