Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby Jack

This is Baby Jack! I call him Peanut. He is the sweatest little baby boy in town! I just found this picture of him and needed to test out my flickr blog function. So, I thought I would post this adorable picture of one of my favorite little men. Here he is ladies! The amazing, adorable Jack, Jack!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Momentous Occasion

Every family has their own special holiday traditions. The one tradition that seems to hold true for most families is coming "home for the holidays".

This year for me, that meant getting to see some old friends. My high school friend Alison very rarely comes to A-Town for the holidays since her mom moved to Chicago, her dad moved to Texas, and she now calls Washington D.C. home. However this year she decided to come to good Ol' St. Lou and pay some old friends a visit.

This meant a momentous thing: Kari, Abby, and Alison all in town at the same time! Since high school everyone has gone their separate ways. Alison to Chicago and then to D.C.; Abby to San Fransisco, and then New York; Kari to Springfield, MO, and then Chicago; and me to Chicago and back to St. Louis.

Though we all have led much different lives we all still love to do one thing: Party with the girls!! Though I get to see KO quite often and go to visit her as much as I can I rarely have seen Abby & Alison since High School. The holiday was a great excuse to get together and an even better excuse to have a few too many drinks with a bunch of old friends!

So, without further ado, here are a few drunken, really bad quality snapshots from our night out in A-Town:

***Not pictured but also out for the night with us were Sam & My hubby, Benjamin. note: Jon's wife stayed home to relax because she is preggers!!!

Alison and KO

Alison does not like this picture; I think it is fabulous! :)

 Jeremy and Kari

Me and My Kari O

Alison, Me, Kari

Me and Jon

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