Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Boys

The O-Man and T-Turner had a sleep over with us last weekend.  Pretty sure they had a blast!  We sure did!!

First we went to the movies to see "Happy Feet 2" It was absolutely A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!  Owie was dancing in his seat when the baby penguins sang "Sexy Back" Both he and T were totally captivated.  I definitely recommend seeing it!

After some Happy Feet we took them to Buffalo Wild Wings.  Owen tried wings for the first time and loved them.  It's a good thing I got the 12 piece, like a fat kid, cause he ate half of mine!  That's alright, what are Aunts for if not for sharing their plate with you, right?

When we got home Nick, and Rob were both out with their leaf blowers so Ben broke out the rake, I broke out the Canon and O and T decided to do some leaf pile cannon balls.

Mr. Owen had to have a photo op with Yoshi.  I forget how little and sweet he is sometimes until I see a photograph like this.  He can be such a little cuddle bug!

Joce came out to play with us for awhile and I am pretty sure T has developed his first crush...  She is a super cutie.  The kids got taste!

After some major leaf playing we decided to take a break for some "Supah Ninjas," and I got some help from one heck of a little helper who informed me that "Mommy always has lemonade!" (Bad Auntie, no lemonade ready for the littles!)  He forgave me quickly, thankfully.

After some lemonade and coats it was back outside to go exploring, "Like Christopher Columbus" That Owen is such a smart little cookie!  We may not have an ocean and a boat but we certainly have the back yard and woods for exploring.  It was short lived though;  They all three came marching back into the house with puppies in tow.  Puppies who had decided to roll in poop.  Not poop scent... Full on POOP!  They smelled soooooo bad.  So the boys got to watch while Uncle Ben gave the puppies a bath!

After our much needed break time we took a little visit to Richard & Ashley's for some early Turkey Day festivities.  The boys had fun playing with all of the kids and we got to visit with Cousin Brenda.  It was one packed house but it was a fun time.

By the time we got back to the house the boys were getting pretty sleepy but they took a little time to play some video games and play on Uncle Ben's keyboard before Owen, all on his own, said, "I'm ready for bed, Aunt Lori."  Of course, Turner decided he was sleep too, since brother was.  (He's in that I have to do whatever brother does phase.  It's pretty darn cute.)

At 6:15 am I awoke to a three year old in my hallway yelling, "I want pancakes!!"  Gotta love kids and their inner alarm clocks!  Waffles did the trick and boy can those boys pack them away.  We started with a pack of 16 waffles, I had two and there were none left by the end of the morning...  Either Uncle Ben had a serious appetite or he had some help!  I am pretty sure it was the latter.

All in all it was a great night.  Only a few kinks... When Turner realized that Aunt Lori did not have Rocket Ship jammers for him, like Grandma Connie or When he fell off of a bar stool and, of course, face planted into the wood floor.  ( I swear that kid is not going to have any teeth by the time he is four. He's top heavy I tell ya!!)

They were ready when MaMa came to pick them up but I am sure they had lots of stories to tell her about their first sleep over and Aunt Lori and Uncle Ben's new house!
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