Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Step Up For Jack

This is Jack.

Little Peanut

Jack has an extra chromosome. This is known as Trisomy 21 or Down Syndrome. What does this mean for Jack? On one hand it means that Jack is an extremely happy little boy! It also means that Jack and his family get to be part of one of the happiest, most loving communities on the planet. You can read about Jack's family and his newly found extended family here at his mommy's blog.

On the other hand it means that Jack will grow up just like any other child. He will laugh, he will smile, he will roll over, he will crawl, walk, talk, run, play, learn, read, write, sing, dance, swim, play soccer, etc, etc, etc... It will just take Jack a little longer than most. Jack will have many difficulties along the way and will have more medical struggles than most. Other than that, Jack is just like you and me and all the sweet little babies born every day. Jack is a pretty special little boy. He has made my life, and the lives of everyone around him a little brighter, and he will continue to spread his love every day.

Now here is your chance to spread a little love to Jack and children all around the world like Jack...

Click the link below and support Jack in his walk to spread awareness and love!

Thank you from Jack, his family, and mine,
Lori Mc
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