Sunday, September 26, 2010

Because Sometime You Just Need To Hang UpsideDown

KO is home!!  And we had a fantastic visit.
Hanging with my bestie made me realize some thing and reaffirmed others for me.

1.) I miss the hell out of this girl!
2.) I never quite realized how much I love Brad.
3.) Brad is great to have around to take photos.
4.) Sometimes you just must dance.
5.) Kari and Brad are totally smitten.
6.) Brad always wins.
7.) Sometimes you need a lift from a friend.
 8.) Brad's fart sound app., still hilarious!
9.) Most importantly....  Sometimes you just have to fly...
Reenactment of Johnny and Baby compliments of KO and Brad.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Autumn is Here

And boy did we ever start it off with a bang!  A BIG-OL'-BANG!!

Ben and I have always been kind of "the old couple"  We love to stay home.  Snuggle up with popcorn and a good movie and just be lazy.  Well this month we have come out of our cave. 

We started off the festivities with a car show in J-Ville with my parents, The O-Man, T-Dog, Aunt Jeanne, Uncle Morris, Jason, Allie Bug, and Allie's little friend.
 Uncle Morris said something that Ben just thought was hilarious and he just could not contain himself.  It was pretty amusing, to say the least.
T told me stories all night long and showed me that he even knows Grandpa Markie's full name.  We were looking for Grandpa Markie and I said, "Grandpa Markie, Grandpa Markie, where are you?"  T- smiled his big grin and said, "Yeah, Mocky Wogan!!  Where you be??"  I about lost it.  I just love how he is having his little vocabulary explosion.
 The boys found a playground in Burger King and had a blast running, climbing, and sliding down the slide.  I think Grandpa Markie needs to build them a jungle gym in his back yard.  I am sure he can find time in all his spare time!! :) After all, it is for his boys.
After the car show we headed over to La Camara de Barton for a little bon fire and sleep over with Brad, Ashley, and CoCo.
I think, if he had the chance, Ben would have a bonfire every night.
 Ashley, being the hostess with the mostest that she is, even brought all the stuff for smores.  Yum, Yum!  Though, I would not recommend the new BIGGER marshmallows.  They do not seem to melt as well.  CoCo, loved them, though and that's all that really counts!
The next morning, Ashley made the biggest, yummiest breakfast ever.  It was amazing!  Bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns, biscuits, the works!

After all that CoCo needed a bath!
And after her bath.  She needed a little, Uncle Ben lovin.
Then it was off to the Science Center to see the Naval exhibit and Hubble. Hubble was amazing!!  It was narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio which was a plus.  I love his voice!  It is just so incredible how much we have learned about the universe from the Hubble telescope.  The images that we have discovered through it's giant lens are just amazing.  Hubble has done for space what Ansel Adams did for landscapes here on Earth.  Simply incredible.
Chloe got to play tic tac toe with a Naval scuba-diver.
She even won and snagged a high five.
Aunt Loie just could not resist the chance to snap a 36 week photo of little Eden and MaMa.
And I really could not resist the chance to take another Hallmark photo of the brothers and Chloe being adorable.  It just never gets old.
We wrapped up the evening with a weiner roast at La Camara de Logan.  The boys were in rare form.  Running, and chasing, and laughing.

Turner was reluctant to help Uncle Ben and the tickle monster get his brother.  I think he will be more enthusiastic, next time, after how Owen repaid his gift.
 They had us all in stitches, playing hide-n-seek.  They are just too cute!

Boy, does T love Grandpa Markie's car. He sits behind the wheel and goes, vrum, vrum, vrum...
This is T and his new favorite toy.  He carries it everywhere.  Stacey said that she had to make a game out of throwing it into the car to keep him from taking it to school every morning.
Of course Big brother had to get in on the action.
Look out ladies here come the Logan boys!

Grandpa Markie would of had his bottom if he saw this little guy jumping on the hot tub cover.  He sure is stinkin cute, though.
And after big brother got in trouble for pushing little brother to the ground, T joined him there even though he was not in trouble.  After all what are brothers for if not to keep you company in time-out.
Since moving back to A-Town Ben and I have learned just how amazing it can be to have your family so close.  Not that we would never move away on our own to make our own future.  My home is where my Ben is.  However, this girl will definitely soak up all the niece and nephew lovin possible while we are this close to home base.
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