Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Lost My Hubby At The STL Forest Park Balloon Glow

One of the fabulous parts of living near Saint Louis is the Forest Park Balloon Race and Glow. 
Ben and I decided to make a trip over to Forest Park Friday night to see the Balloon Glow, which meant that I would drive home from work, which is basically in Forrest Park, pick up Ben and we would head back to Forrest Park.

John, my amazing hair stylist, called me at about noon on Friday and told me that he needed some headshots and he needed them to be ready to print yesterday.  So being the amazing, wonderful, flexible photographer that I am I agreed to squeeze him in before the balloon glow. Okay, so I really just wanted a free haircut and eyebrow arch and all of the word of mouth business that I will surly get from John, the social butterfly.

So, I hauled ass from my office.  Made it to Godfrey in a record 45 minutes and snapped some shots of John before Ben, the puppies and I headed over to STL.  We got there and parked in my office lot, thinking it would be so much closer.  It was not really that close but It was a nice night for a walk and the girls loved it.

We got to the park and realized we had no idea where to go.  No problem though, looking over the trees a little more closely we spotted the Energizer Bunny and the Budweiser Bottle.  Kinda hard to miss a giant floating bunny and beer bottle. See story about the Big Pink Bunny Here.
 We were off to the balloon races!!  It really was a long stinkin walk.  We even walked all the way across a golf course.  But, BOY was it ever worth it!  The balloons were amazing, so beautiful.

And the fire was brilliant!

We were on our way to find the band that was playing because they had bagpipes and let me tell you this girl loves some bagpipes.  My bestie had to talk me out of having bagpiper at my wedding, though I did insist on the Highland Bagpipe version of the wedding march.  It was superb! Anyway, we were on our way when I bent down to pick up my lens cap.  I stood up and they were gone.  Ben and the puppies had vanished into the crowd.  

I looked everywhere.  Even thinking, just finding those bagpipes would lead me to my little family.  But, the bagpipes had stopped playing.  An hour went by and still no Ben no puppies.  Cell service was messed up, probably because there were so many people with cell phones trying to dial out.  Every time the connection would finally go through, there was no answer.  But I was staying calm.  Okay, that's a lie.  I was a wreck.  A little lost child that could not find her mama.  Freaking out.  Finally breaking down and calling my mommy.  When the connection finally went through Mama picked up.  I must have sounded like a lunatic.  I was hysterical.  Lost Ben...can't find him anywhere...cell service sucks...Blackberry is almost dead, flashing green at me...WHAT DO I DO MOMMY, what do I do??  

Mom and Daddy graciously started calling Ben repeatedly until he finally answered.  "She is by the Carol House Balloon,"  Dad told him.  He could not find the Carol House Balloon.  "Go to the big beer," Dad said so to the big beer I went.  Unfortunately, ten minutes later they decided to deflate the giant beer bottle. DAAAAMMMMIIIITTTT!!!  Connection failed.... Connection failed.... Connection failed.... Connection failed.... Connection failed.... Connection failed.... Connection failed.... Connection failed.... Connection failed.... Connection failed.... Oh my gosh I am going to have to live in a garbage can and become a bag lady...  I will never find my way home... Okay, so I may have a small talent for the dramatics.  I was scared though, Dude.  Have you ever been lost in a crowd of thousands?  Just think if you were a kid lost in that mess.  Apparently, I was not the only "lost child" of the night.  Click Here.

Finally I got through to my Dad who told me to go imminently to the Remax balloon.  Off to the Remax balloon I ran like my pants were on fire.  As I walked up to the balloon, I could hear Ben shouting my name.  I looked over and there was my Ben looking around frantically for me.  I shouted back to him and we ran toward each other, and he hugged and kissed me like the sailor in V-J Day in Times Square.  "That was terrible, I love you!!"  He announced. 

Needless to say after that bit of drama we were both tired and ready to go.  So we decided to head home.  We had perfect timing too since everything wrapped up about 15 minutes after we left and apparently, we missed some horrendous traffic.  Score! Silver lining, baby, silver lining... 

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