Sunday, November 28, 2010

Because Life is Not Perfect, But Real

November 29, 2008...  I married Ben.  I am not going to kid myself and think that anyone would believe that we are the perfect couple or that we never fight or that we fell madly in love at first sight.

However, not being perfect and both recognizing that we are not is what makes us an amazing couple.  I have been known to be quite the little gypsy in my lifetime.  I have moved more times than I care to count.  I have been known to pick up an move across the state when I am afraid of something that is happening in my life.

Meeting Ben seemed to make something click in my head.  Like something was completed.  Like when you are putting together a puzzle and you find that one piece that makes everything start to fit together perfectly.  Sure you still have 920 pieces to fit together but that one piece makes you jump up and down for joy because it is a HUGE accomplishment.

For us it is an accomplishment that we have made it through the first two years of marriage.  We have loved each other, and hated each other.  We have supported each other and made each other strive harder for what we want.  We have told friends, that we thought we would never lose, to go *%@# themselves when they tried to break us.  We have been real with each other and made each other better, stronger people.

On November 29, 2008 we held hands, looked into eachother's eyes and promised that we would be there for better or for worse... And we meant every single word of it.  We knew the impact of those words and we spoke them because we believe every word.

So, what is my point?  Sometimes life is amazing, and sometimes we have to tell ourselves out loud that we will make it through the day.  Some days we think how in the hell did I get so damn lucky and some days we want to choke the one we love but that is marriage and it is fantastic in every way!

Here's to two years with My Favorite!  And cheers to many, many more!

Oh... And PS. Anniversaries and home buying DON'T mix!

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