Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Outpouring Of Love

It is amazing to me, the outpouring of love that is going down on facebook.  People from all over the world.  People who knew Mickey.  People who are Mickey's family.  People who always vacationed with Mickey and his family when they were in Jamaica; who never would have had it any other way.  People who loved Mickey.  People who are fighting for Mickey.  People who will not rest until they have been heard.

560 members have already joined Uncle Mick's memorial site and they are all telling such wonderful stories of what an amazing man he was.  They are all leaving photographs of their times with Mickey.  They are all sharing how much they loved him and it is AMAZING!!  Mickey Hill you certainly were a much loved man.  You brought life and love to many with that fantastic smile!

Here are just a few of my favorite photographs and comments all of Uncle Mick's friends and family have left.  And, yes, it is just a few in comparison to the MANY that have been left.
 Aunt Brenda and Uncle Mick on their wedding day.
Aunt Brenda and Uncle Mick on their wedding day.
Mickey taught me how to drive a boat. Amongst other things a city kid from Chicago should know while living in Jamaica for two almost years. He would always tell me " yer too serious mon" "you got to learn to smile". Just as he's smiling down at me in this picture I know he's smiling down upon all of us and taught us how to smile. With my eyes full of tears as I write this, I'm so happy and blessed to have had such an amazing person in my life. ~ Landon Harper
That's Freddy, Freddy always followed Mickey, he ignored anyone and everyone else. at sunset when Freddy was smaller myb 2 or so they used to walk to fisherman's to get cheese puffs, he looked really little next to big tall mickey as they walked on the beach at dusk. ~  Leanne Zaleski
As you can see Mickey was always smiling and laughing!! Always had a blast on the boat. ~ Cheryl Vaughan
Sweet sweet man! Love you Mickey Hill xoxo ~ Cheryl Vaughan
Always the clown!! ~ Cheryl Vaughan
Angels weep tonight at the mistake that has been made. No man with a smile as bright as the sun should have been taken from us. ~ Kristi Warriner
...even smiles under water!! ;-) ~ Jeanne Doyle
silly geek, the world was a better place with you in it! ~ Jeanne Doyle

If you would like to add something to the wall or your letter you have been writing send them to
We will always love you and remember you for the great person you were!!! I gonna talk to Victoria about who was his uncle Mickie and how proud she has to be to have had an uncle like you! LOVE you UNCLE MICKIE!!!! ~ Valeria Bolognesi Hill

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