Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If All Else Fails, Put Your Hands in Prayer And You're Golden.

"... if all else fails, put your hands in prayer and you're golden." ~ Kelle Hampton

While laughing and crying my way through the latest KH posts on Enjoying the Small Things I found this quote and it really summed up my day... month.

Ben and I put in a bid on a home more than a month ago and it was accepted.  I have not spoken of this much because... well... frankly, I am terrified of jinxing the darn thing.  This home buying experience has been just that, AN EXPERIENCE!!  It is like Murphy's Law to the full extent.  Everything has just been so damn hard!

Every day there is a new kink to work through.  We have been told that we have the loan... No wait you don't have the loan... Oh yeah, you DO have the loan... wait jump through these last few hoops for us..  Okay, just kidding, you have the loan.  It's like, Dude, SERIOUSLY! I am going to have a heart attack if you keep this up.

Ben and I have been so afraid to do anything.  Should we start packing?  Should we tell our condo owner that we are moving out?  What date do we give him?  Should we put the photo of us at our new house on our Christmas cards?  Should we tell all of our friends and family that we've bought a house?

Today we had a meeting with our loan company and our contractor and we still did not get all of the answers that will put our nerves to ease.  We did however, pick out carpet, kitchen flooring, and some AMAZING oak flooring for the living room and foyer.  OH! and a refrigerator that is the BOMB diggity!

Will it all be okay?  Most likely, yes.  Will the rug be swept out from under us at the last moment?  Hopefully not.  However, if all else fails, put your hands in prayer and you're golden...

Sometimes it's all you can do, right?

Shucking my fear of jinxing it all, here is a photograph of our soon to be new home.

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