Sunday, October 20, 2013

The One Without A Title

Suggested Listening: In The Garden, By: Royal Wood

Today was the day that I was suppose to hold you. The day that our lives would forever change. The day that our first little girl was born. October 20, 2013. I remember thinking about the cosy little halloween costume I would put you in for your very first Halloween. I knew that we would just sit at home in our fabulous costumes but that would be okay because we had you.

Today, my little girl, I miss you so very much. Brendon was blasting his rap and R&B today while we readied the store to open. Biggie's, "Big Papa" started to play over the loud speakers and I had to laugh as tears came to my eyes. I knew in that very moment that you are still here with me and you just wanted me to know it. Your daddy was so cute trying to rap that day when we saw your little heart flickering so bright and your little body just a wiggling there on the screen.

In my heart I know that it was just not our time. That we were not ready for you. Still, my heart aches for the little girl that almost was. No little boy or girl will ever replace you in my heart, my Cora, my first baby girl.

Love, Mommy
Image credit: mayboro / 123RF Stock Photo

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