Thursday, October 10, 2013

Chasing Dreams in The Rain

Suggested Listening: Riptide By: Vance Joy

It rained today in San Diego. That does not happen very often here. We don't even own an umbrella. I took the the puppies out to use the potty and there were several people running into their apartments like they were running for their lives. A girl was complaining that her hair was going to be ruined and a man was trying his hardest to cover himself with his briefcase. 

Me... I was dancing like a five year old; so excited just to see rain. I actually ran into the bedroom, jumped on top of Ben with both knees and yelled, "Wake up! It's RAINING in San Diego!!" Ben was laughing at me because "who else have you ever met that rain makes ecstatically happy?"

Okay, so I am completely aware that this is a total over reaction to rain but, dude, this girl loves her some rain! Some say that the suicide and depression rates are much higher in Seattle because it rains all the time. This girl says, "LET'S MOVE THERE!" Seriously, I have had an obsession with Seattle since I can remember. Never being there even once in my life does not matter. Seattle is the best city on Earth! This I am convinced of. 

After high school I almost moved there. Getting excepted to the Seattle Art Institute was my life's goal and I did get excepted but I didn't even tell anyone. I was too freaked out. Well, I did tell my best friend and we had it all worked out that we would live together in a little walk up while I became a world class photographer and he became a huge music producer. Ahh Young ambitions!! He bailed after he fell in love on a Summer trip to Germany and being too afraid to move across the country alone The Academy of Design Chicago is where I settled on for Graphic Design and Fashion Marketing... Not sure what I was thinking there but we all have our paths and mine has definitely been the long way around. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Maybe it was "Sleepless in Seattle" maybe it was something else, who knows, but Seattle is it for me. I will live there someday. Even if it is just for a short time.... Me in Seattle will happen. Rain + Dreaming of a Seattle walk up = One excited five year old version of myself. Heres to making wild dreams happen!
The puppies and I drying off on the porch after playing in the rain

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