Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Night To Myself

The house is quiet.  The husband is at a friends house, the puppies are cuddled up next to me asleep and I am left to do whatever I want.  And that is a blessed thing.

After weeks of this...

I am so ready for a night all to myself.  I came home from work, poured a glass of wine, and took the longest bath I have taken in quite some time.  After-which I gave myself a pedicure and then cooked myself my favorite meal.

Did I mention that I have no idea how to cook a meal for one...

After all of this I am now sitting on my couch, in my lovely clean living room, watching So You Think You Can Dance which followed Glee.  Perfection!!

So, after a night full of wonderful, much needed pampering, I feel compelled to write down some of my favorite things.

My beautiful Niece, Chloé...

My beautiful niece, Eden...

My adorable, handsome, and hilarious nephews, Owen and Turner...

My precious little Turkey, Jen Jen...

My sweet little Monkey, Al...

My honey...

* My new pink dress that I find and excuse to wear at least twice weekly.
* Swing sets
* Shel Silverstein
* Ridiculously happy people
* Feet
* The Book of Awesome
* 14,000 Things To Be Happy About
* Water balloons
* Glee
* So You Think You Can Dance

Not to end things on a sad note but keeps Saint James, Missouri in your prayers tonight.  A four vehicle pile up, including a semi truck, two school buses, and a pick-up truck on Highway 44 killed a 19 year old boy and a 15 year old girl.  I am sure the families of Jessica Brinker and Daniel Schatz could use some extra prayers tonight.

I usually hate spreading sad news like this but this really struck me because of something someone said on the shuttle going home from work tonight.  "I really hope I don't have to wait in that crazy traffic on 44 tonight.  My time is too important to waste on a bunch of rubber neckers looking at a insignificant car crash."  I know people will say things and I have no problem with that and would never berate someone for making a comment.  But a comment like that followed by hearing about something so terrible does always make me remember that I have no idea what has caused or is causing a HUGE traffic jam and I should feel lucky that I am waiting in the traffic jam and not involved in whatever is causing it.

Good night and remember to be thankful for all of your blessings in life!!

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