Thursday, July 29, 2010

♥ The Love Between Girlfriends

So, I was going through old photos and I found this one.

This photo got me thinking...  That can be a dangerous thing sometimes!!  Anyway, It got me thinking about how much I adore this girl.  She is someone I look up to.  Someone I want by my side for life.  She is strong, caring, hard working, determined...  She loves with ALL of her heart and puts herself out there no matter what the cost might be in the end. 

KO and I have known each other since we were tiny dancers.  A lifetime ago.  We pulled on spandex and strapped on Capezios together; plastered our faces with makeup and sprayed on the Rave before dowsing ourselves in glitter spray.  In Middle School I was her back, her base and a flyer by her side as we made history as part of the very first Falcon cheer-leading squad. 

In High school we rocked out like the punk rock princess we were in our rainbow jean skirts that laced up the side, Hollister T's and converse tennies.  We partied like it was 1999 at Blink concerts, (because, well, it was 99') and drug eachother out of mosh pits after being kicked by seriously HUGE wooden clogs!!

We drove to Brighten in the middle of the night to hang out with boys who drove 4x4's and lived in cornfields were they had truck-pulls and corn field parties.  We stood atop mustangs roofs and belted out Macy Gray tunes at Hockey games. We cried together when we were heat broken and made eachother break up CD's which consisted of "cry it out" music (which was actually just old tracks from sappy lyrical solos) followed up by Cartman singing Kyle's Mom is a Big Fat B***h which made us bust out laughing and realize how lame boys were.

We shared surprise birthday parties where boyfriends did face plants off trampolines.

In college we visited eachother in Chicago though for some odd reason we never lived there at the same time.  We rocked out to Kill Hannah and Pomeroy and even got pulled on stage to dance with Mat Devine (her not me, I would have surely peed my pants).

After college we still partied together in Chi-Town even though some visits were gut wrenching ones.  We enjoyed green beer and pizza at 8:30am at Grace O'Malley's and laughed at all of the crazy chicks in mini skirts, in the middle of March in Chicago.

We packed up condos and moved on to amazing new homes of our very own.  We ran through rain puddles in our hoodies and converse and spent $2,000.00 at Ikea in one day.  We drank Intelligentsia and dined at Lou Malnati's.

She has always stood by me, and with me.  Always laughed with me and yes sometimes AT me!  She would tell me I look like crap and then show me how to fix it. She would have thrown her flowers in Ben's face, Charlotte style if he had even thought of pulling a Mr. Big.  She is the Carrie Bradshaw to my Charlotte York-Goldenblatt.  Just as we did in cheerleading and dance, We got eachothers back!!

Thanks for being such an awesome friend, KO!!  Also, Shout out to my KO, because she just landed a fabulous new job.  I knew you could do it Kari!!!  You always land on your feet, just like Juno Cat!!

You have come so far, Girl! Always knew you could do anything; always believed you would do everything! Just had to put that last photo in there; still makes me laugh my butt off!!

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