Thursday, June 20, 2013

Strong In Will

As we sat and waited Ben began to become a little irritated. Where is the waiter? We had gotten our self-serve chips and dip and began to munch on them and now we were in great need of some mouth cooling drinks.

As the kitchen door swung open a tall, lanky, pretty brown haired girl rounded the corner. She stopped for a moment at our table apologized and let us know that it would be just one more moment and she would take our drink order. As promised she was back in only a moment and off with our drink and meal orders.

As she made her way around her small section of the enormous bar/restaurant it was very clear that our waitress was not quite like the other wait staff. She was tall and quite pretty however, her legs did not move like others. She had a slight limp and it would not have been noticeable to most but after a longer look It became clear to me that one of her legs was longer than the other. Just at the bend in her knee you could see, when looking intently, that one knee was just slightly higher than the other. She also, noticeably spoke just a little differently than most.

In that moment I was overcome with great pride for this girl. Having an almost relative (once removed) with cerebral palsy and having worked for years with the mother of a small child with the same disorder it was quite clear to me that this girl most likely was born with cerebral palsy. She clearly has a great deal of trouble doing something that many people take for granted... walking.

She not only walks a lot, she does it for a living. Being a server is a grueling job. If you have ever been part of a wait staff you surely know this. She is doing the one thing that is most difficult for her as her job. This, to me, is simply amazing. This girl is inspirational.

I wanted so badly to tell her how impressed, amazed, and inspired she had made me. Though, I was afraid of embarrassing her so I simply left her a really fat tip!

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