Thursday, May 2, 2013


The hubs and I decided to get in the car and make the 32 hour drive to Saint Louis for a visit with the family. While there we took in a diaper party for our friends Michelle and Heath, a baptism for Ben's new little godson, Liam, and had lots of hangin out time with the fam.

Going "home" is so strange now that we have been in California for a year. I absolutely love seeing all of our friends and family and sucking up as much luvin that is possible from our little people. However, it just seems different now. I won't say that it is no longer home but now it seems a little less like "our home".

So much has happened here in California; so much has changed. We always said that we would travel and then go home to Alton but I just don't know anymore...

I am finally starting to feel at home here. Working, making friends, making memories... goood and bad...

It sounds completely sappy and trite but, my home really is where Ben is. That has been the biggest thing I have learned this year. Things may be a mess at times but we are making it together, one day at a time.
Turner, Grace, Reese, Emma, Chloe, and Owen

Jamie, Me, Grace and Emma

Cory, Heath, and Ben
Dude, Jamie, Emma and Grace
Momma, Me, and Uncle Stevie
My Big Sis, Jamie
Stinky McPherson and Booger Jones
Seriously... Cutest kid in the WHOLE world!!
My wedding babies Grace, Turner and Chloe all about to turn FIVE!!! (Well, Grace just turned five) 
The little girl that made me want to come home from Chicago ten years ago
The Momma and Me

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