Monday, April 15, 2013


Sometimes when you are having a really terrible day, week, month, year, life... The sky opens up and you are reminded that your life really is not that bad.

Saturday morning I woke up to my husband kneeling unnaturally close to my face. Like nose to nose action. After a startled jump I, of course, gave him my best, "What the hell is your problem??" He smiled and told me that he was making me breakfast. "Eggs, hash browns, and biscuits; sorry I forgot to go get bacon." he smiled at me. "No bacon??", was my disgruntled reply. Followed by, "What did you do wrong??" He just smiled and said that breakfast would be ready soon and that he just felt like making me breakfast. I was much nicer to him after I wiped the drool out of the corner of my mouth and washed my face, I promise.

When I arrived to open the shop later that morning there was a note on the counter that began, "Good Morning, Beautiful". It was from Jess, the adorable 19 year old that had closed up the night before. It put a smile on my face and made my day even better.

This morning when I woke up there was a note from Ben that said that the tax guy called back last night and instead of owing California $680, they owe us $260 rounding out this years taxes as follows:

  • Federal - Owes us BIG
  • Illinois - $0
  • Missouri - $0
  • California - +$260

Today, as I sat down for lunch, I picked up the i-crack for a little web searching only to see the horrors that were unfolding in Boston. "Kir, have you seen this??!!", I yelled. She had not. We had not turned on the TVs in the shop all morning.

As we sat and watched the big screens above our heads all I could think was that I am so very lucky. Yes, I have had quite possibly the worst 10 months of my life but thanking the stars for my life is what I really should be doing.

A husband who takes care of me and loves me. A roof over my head. This chance of a lifetime to live in such a beautiful city by ocean. The ability to still dream of the life and family we will one day have. We have it pretty okay. It could always be so much worse... Just one more of the truths my Momma and Daddy taught me!

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