Friday, October 21, 2011

The Luckiest

Ben and I have been blessed to have four of the most beautiful nephews and nieces anyone could ask for. They are amazing, adorable, sweet, smart and we absolutely adore them!

The other night we were having a bon fire at my parent's house and T fell asleep in Ben's arms. It was the sweetest thing ever. Ben was so good with him as he covered him up with a big comfy afghan. Later he carried him into mom and dad's room and laid him on their bed. I really wish I had my camera; he looked like a little burrito baby!

Then the other night we were at his brothers house and Reese was cracking up laughing in the cute little baby laugh way and Ben looked at me and suddenly burst out, "I so can not wait until we have one of our own!"

Not that I didn't know that he wanted kids and not that we have not throughly discussed and planned everything out to an OCD extreme but I have never heard him blurt that out with such pride. He was so excited at the thought of having a little of our own and it really made me smile. I am so excited to start our little family (or big family the way we are thinking). We shall see! Until then we will soak up all we can get of these four little beauties. Cheers to babies in 2012-2013!!

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