Thursday, March 10, 2011

And She's BACK!!

Okay so I have not been a very good blogger gal...

I have many reasons. Many good reasons. The BIGGEST being that I HAVE NOT HAD INTERNET. AHHHHH!! That's right. No internet. For two months. Holy Cow! Has it been two months??

AnyHoo, no internet + one really awful post that I have been dreading to share but need to get it out sometime and it makes more since to do it in chronological posting order. I know what your thinking... It has nothing to do with the house.

WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!! WHOOT! It was a LONG, HELLISH, road but we got the house. It was officially ours on February 7, 2011. Let me get an AMEN! We have yet to move in because we had TONS of things to fix in order to get an occupancy permit however, the big day is very near.

As I type, I sit in my brand spankin new office at my lovely little computer desk with my fabulous internet access. This however, is the only piece of furniture in our home... We get new hardwood flooring in the entire first level this week and then it is ON! Inspections next week followed by the BIG MOVE! We are HOME OWNERS!!! HooRay!!

SO, more to come... MUCH more to come... But, first a really terribly gut wrenching post. I will post it soon. Then we can get on with happier days.

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