Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tons Of Fun, Tuns Of Fun

We started off with at great dinner at The Half Step with the McKenzie’s. We had a blast, per usual! We met at our place at about four and headed to Fairview Heights to pick up the T-Shirts for the upcoming Race For The Cure.

After that we headed down The Great River Road for a fun filled night at the Mississippi Half Step. The food as usual was wonderful! Complements to chef Jimmy!! His strip steak is always fabulous. While we were there we ran into Jamie and Dude having dinner with their friends Dixon and Amelia.
 Jamie commented on how cute Brandi was with her pregg-O belly. I agree completely! Jamie also could not control herself from sticking her tongue out at me all through dinner. I firmly believe that she is the reason I have an extreme goofy side and have never really fully become a "grown-up"
After dinner we walked down to the corner ice cream shop but they only take cash, which neither of us couples ever really have. Who does these days, really?! So, we took our Muddy River Cheese cake from the Half step and began our walk back to the car.

Along the way I got some fabulous shots of Brandi and her very strange find. Only in Grafton, right?!
After that we headed a little further down the road to show the McKenzies our favorite look out spot, and share some delicious cheesecake.

It was well past all of our bed times when we got back to our place but we decided to play a little drunken Nintendo anyway. Who could pass on drunken 8-bit Nintendo?

The next morning Ben and I took the uncommon chance to sleep in. The phone woke us up at about 10:30 and Ben answered. I heard him say, "Heck ya! I will be right over to get them." before hanging up the phone and telling me to get ready for the Cardinals game and he would be back to pick me up in a couple hours. Luckily his dad called right back and agreed to meet him half way to cut down on the hour drive to his parent’s house.

He headed off to pick up two amazing tickets to the Cards game that day. I got all dolled up and made some sandwiches to eat on the way. We grabbed a couple $1 cokes from McDonalds and headed out.
What a great day for baseball it was nice and cool from the clouds and we only got a little wet from the sprinkles in the middle of the game. I got some awesome pictures at the game.
On the way home Brad called and invited us to dinner at our favorite pizza place with the rest of the McPherson family. How could we refuse great pizza and our adorable niece Chloe?

After that we went home and crashed on the couch for some late evening TV. What a great end to a fun, relaxing weekend!

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