Friday, May 29, 2009

Nintendo, Steak, And Good Friends

While riding the shuttle to work one morning, I met two of the greatest people I have met in quite some time. Brandi, Michael, Ben and I have become fast friends. We have so much fun together. Whether we are playing games or just having dinner and drinks we always have a blast.

Awhile back Ben and I had the McKenzies over for dinner and ended up spending the night playing drunken Nintendo. It was fantastic! Even though Brandi could not drink, we still all had a great time. The boys were both trashed and were having a fabulous time making fun of the way Brandi and I were playing Super Mario Brothers 3. They kept telling us how they were going to do a much better job then us.

Then it was their turn... They were terriable!!! They were so funny to watch. They were both so drunk off of the drink that Michael has affectonatly named "A Fu**ing Tuesday Night" that I donot think they could see the screen. Brandi and I had so much fun watching them.

The next Monday at work, Brandi e-mailed and told me that she and Michael had spent their entire Sunday searching for an 8-BIT Nintendo.

Here are some pictures of our fantastic dinner night at la casa de la McPherson's.

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