Thursday, August 1, 2013

KO Came To Visit

Suggested Listening: Royals by: Lorde

After all but breaking down sobbing via facetime with KO she asked me, "Are you sure you still want me to come tomorrow?"

"Ab-so-freaking-lutly!!" was my response. If ever I needed her to come it was right at that moment. When your whole life is crashing down around you and you think the pain will never end, that is when you need the people who have seen you at your utter worst and still love you just the same... Maybe even more.

And so... she came... Silliness, crying, double dating, fighting like sisters, and as KO would say, "RAGING" ensued.

The first morning that Kari was here Ben took her for a hike on Mount Woodson while I worked for a few hours.

Ben excited about finding the word Crush on a building  
Ben "Crushin' it" 
KO and LB selfie

Ben secretly taking photos of us taking our selfie

Ben secretly taking photos of us taking our selfie

There may have been drinking involved in this photo

Awww... aren't they adorbes!!

Girls lunch/beach day on Mission Beach Boardwalk

KO dreaming about living on the ocean with me

Beach selfie

Secret Lovers

So, now I just have to say that KO and I may not be quite refined enough for this restaurant. We could not stop laughing at the "soft and stinky cheese plate". The was also a dish called "the really soft and really stinky cheese plate." hmmm...

Soccer and Sand Volley Ball on Mission Bay

Torrey Pines Gliderport

These two SOOO need to live in the same state!! Just sayin...

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